Neon yellow 700c rims in 36h?

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I'm after some neon yellow rims... I've seen the Halo Aerorage and love them to pieces but they only go up to 32 spoke holes and I'd ideally like 36 if possible.

I've scoured the internet and I'm fairly sure that no other neon yellow 700c rims exist so I'm prepared to compromise and build a 32-spoke wheel instead, but before I do I thought it might be worth a quick check on here just in case any of you know of an alternative to the Aerorage.



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    Velocity rims come in a 36h drilling. They also come in every colour under the sun. I would contact Brick Lane bikes as they seem to be the biggest Velocity dealer.
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    Jamey Posts: 2,152
    Ah yes, Velocity, I was trying to remember their name last night with regard to off-centre rims, actually.

    Thanks for that, but their yellow is a bit too sunflowery. I'm after a proper neon colour if possible. I know that's fussy but this will be for my dream bike that I'm hoping to build later this year so don't want to compromise if I can help it.