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Tyre Advice please

old codgerold codger Posts: 186
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what sort of tyres should i fit,i am going to be mainly doing trails and tow paths and green laning but also riding out to these places on the the moment the bike i have bought has Scott OXYD 2.0 are these appropiate or should i get something else.



  • The scott tyres are okay, but a little low profile. Basically it depends on how damp the greenlaning is, you'll struggle if it is really cut up, but if it's relatively firm underfoot then you'll be fine.
  • Are there specific tyres say for trails and road as opposed to pure bog trotting

  • I'd stick with the tyres you have for now, see how you get on. If you are having skidding and sliding a lot on soft ground then you need tyres with a more aggressive tread, but these will be draggy on tarmac.

    There is no tyre available that is good for both smooth roads and soft ground.

    I use a fairly grippy tyre as I want control and traction on the trails/soft ground and put up with the drag when riding on tarmac.
    Burls Ti Tourer for Tarmac, Saracen aluminium full suss for trails
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