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80s Bianchi build/modernisation, much help needed...

Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
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Have done some searching but to no avail so far so sorry if this is regularly covered.

I bought the missus a lovely old (late 80s) Bianchi frame and headset today.

I am planning to build it up with centaur/veloce 10 spd as she doesn't want dt shifters.

My first question (I'm sure there'll be many) is regarding BB and chainset.

Can I just buy the chainset and then go about finding the right BB afterwards?

What determines which BB I can get?

I've read some stuff on Sheldon Brown but found it rather confusing tbh.

The bike has italian thread and I was gonna go for a 2006ish veloce or centaur chainset, both cheap on ebay.

A general q about the campag 10speed stuff, is it all interchangeable?

I've seen some specified as QS or quick shift and others as ergopower or similar.

Cheers in advance, really looking forward to getting this bike built.
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