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New 2 MTB north notts Worksop area!!!!!!

dat7205dat7205 Posts: 5
edited May 2010 in MTB rides
hi looking to hook up with any bikers in my area, if your willing to take a newbi out please get in touch with details cheers !!!!!


  • tenchitenchi Posts: 52
    Owdoo :)

    I try to get out every couple of weeks on a longish ride around your way. What sort of distance do you like to ride?
    The poor weather is making some of the routes hard going at the moment :lol:
  • dat7205dat7205 Posts: 5
    just done a 20 miler today from rotherham i like to get out sat/sun and any oppertunity through the week, my tel no is 07830186805 im 38 and getting fitter hopefully, give me a bell if your interested.

    regards Dave...
  • tenchitenchi Posts: 52
    Will do :)

    Some nice routes from Rotherham, was it a ride home from work? Rode to work this morning (5 o clock :roll: ) fell off twice because of ice! Nice in the sun this afternoon though :D
  • dat7205dat7205 Posts: 5
    i biked from work to home tried a new route the afternoon sun was great and the route was demanding well for me anyway :lol: Well off work today so getting ready for a run out Retford way probably down the chesterfield canal, get in touch to arrange a run...

    Regards Dave...
  • < hey would you look at that!

    Where have you been riding so far???
  • tenchitenchi Posts: 52
    Where do I ride :)

    I'm a bit of a map freak :lol: so will ride anywhere I can put together a decent route. Sometimes not the best idea though as you have no idea what the surface conditions of some of them are like until you get there, been stuck a few times :lol: But it all adds to the adventure :D

    I know derbyshire and the Peaks reasonably well, parts of south yorks and North Notts, oh and not forgetting some of North yorks (where I seem to find bogs :lol: )
  • dat7205dat7205 Posts: 5
    Hi im off to ireland til saturday working so if you want to meet give me a bell or text and i will get back in touch, hear from you soon...

    Regards Dave...
  • pockopocko Posts: 1
    Hi I live in worksop and have been mtb for about 2 months looking for someone to ride with any one intrested?
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