Cyclocross bike for £500ish

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I'm on the lookout for a cyclocross bike for about £500, is there anything out there? seen a Raleigh on Evans site for £650 and wiggle do one for £600 but most seem to start at around the £800 mark, is there no such thing as a begginers cross bike?


  • wiggle have got one on offer for £600 this week but haven't seen one at 500.
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  • Specilized Tricross Singlecross rrp is 500, I got mine for 350 in December;)
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  • The Specialized Singlecross is a single speed bike though. Fine for commuting and okay for training, but no good for racing.
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    The Raleigh U6 X one has had some good reviews. I'm thinking about getting one myself.

    Where abouts are you in Sussex? I work for a dealer in Brighton and we have an account with Raleigh. It's not a bike that we stock but I could order one in for you. I'll need to confirm the price but I can get you a good deal on the 2010 model. The one on the Evans website is the 2009 model.

    Send me a PM if you're interested and I'll find out the cost.
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    For that money I'd seriously look 2nd hand - people will disposing of last season's bike and you should be able to pick up something like a 1-2 year-old bike that even though used will be a lot more durable than many entry-level models due to the quality of componentry.
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    Cheers for the replies chaps, will be getting the bike through a cycle to work scheme so second hand is not an option and thanks very much Andyogy i appreciate your offer but i'm afraid thats out as well or i'd probably take you up on that offer as i'm just up the road in Crawley Down, think i'll start a new thread with my final shortlist.
  • Edinburgh Bikes Co-op do their own for 500 quid, the Revolution Cross Sport