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Your On-One experience.

scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
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Those of you that have bought from or had dealing with On-One in the past, how did it go?

I have heard they can have a bit of a laid back attitude towards customers and i think I'm experiencing it.

I went up to visit them Tuesday last week to check some bikes out, told them what build I was after. Got to say they were great when we were there. I got home and emailed them to say thanks for hoasting us and I got a reply on wednesday saying they will get back to me that day with a build price.

I've still not heard anything from them. I've not mailed them back, probably give them a week but i was hoping to put my order in by the end of last week.

Do I have to chase them or will they wake up soon?
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  • TolkTolk Posts: 840
    When i bought my frame late last year, i found them pretty helpful. I was getting replies as late as 11pm with response to questions etc. Only problem i had was with postage, but that was the delivery firm, not them.

    Used them several times since for tyres etc, and have been pleased with the quick service. Maybe try phoning them?
  • *AL**AL* Posts: 1,185
    Spoke to them twice on the phone about an Inbred frame/carbon rigid fork set up for a new commuter.

    Twice the receptionist said that the tech team were busy and took my number to return my calls, heard nothing.

    Emailed them twice about the above with the questions I needed answered, still heard nothing.

    My personal impression ?
    Shower of sh!t...

    I've now spent my money elsewhere.
  • 10/10 from me here.

    1 complete bike, an inbred frame and several bits over the last 3 or 4 years.

    Never a problem
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    If they can be ar$$ed the customer service is brilliant if they dont like your email you get ignored

    Not the most conventional way to do business but hey its there company
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  • chrisgachrisga Posts: 587
    I've got nothing but praise for them. Its my favourite website for cheap stuff at the moment.

    They've been friendly, helpful and informative whenever I've asked a question. We had to wait to get a planet x SL in the colour wanted and the chainset needed but other than that they have been easy to use. Have ordered from them so far, on-one 456 summer season, arrived 2 days after order in tip top condition, a planet x pro carbon sl thingy for the other half, which arrived 3 days after placing order. We had to go and collect from delivery depot, not on-ones fault but delivery driver wouldnt leave it next door, and some wheels which arrived 2 days after order and were the ones requested with slightly different hubs. So they do take note of special requests and all orders have arrived with us very quickly.

    We did have an odd thing when ordeing the bike though, they emailed after 2 days to say they would be checking stock and then allocating a build slot to which they got a bit of a short reply from us. Strange thing is the bike arrived the very next day.

    Ask to speak to Ian who has been very helpful with us and always answered my emails quickly.
  • I ordered an Inbred frame with a headset fitted. They phoned up to tell me that they didn't have the correct headset in stock and would I accept a better one free of charge. That was good!

    But then frame arrived with small "cracks" in the dropouts from when they had been cold bent. As it was a new bike I decided it wasn't good enough so sent the frame back. They made all the return delivery costs.

    Second frame arrived quite soon aftwerwards, but they forgot to put on the headset. They agreed to let me get one fitted at my LBS and refund the cost. However, the dropouts still had small(er) cracks. I needed to go cycling, so decided to live with them.

    So I'm not sure if that's good customer service or not. They were prompt with resolving all the issues and rectified their mistake with the headset. I guess the major issue was with the frame quality.
  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    Just sent an email giving them a nudge, I reckon they have forgotten bout me!

    I just want a price, pay it and get riding my new steed!
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  • I'd say they're great!

    It's a small company, so I kind of expected to get replies when they had a chance, rather than having staff members there just answer phones and emails. If I caught them at the right time, I got immediate replies, a conversation of 6 or 7 messages over half an hour. However at other times I had to wait. Give them a second message or even a call if you are in a rush.

    In every other way I found them fantastic. Good advice and help, a personally tuned package to suit my slightly odd wants, good build time and delivery. And build quality seems very good to me. The bike has been washed and dusted on a dozen occaisions now, and I haven't found a flaw anywhere! Happy happy customer here!
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  • Sorry to hear this - its clearly not good enough that we appear to have a randomn and varied customer service - from great to terrible .

    Our customer service target is same day response to all emails - if this isnt happening then Im a little surprised and its disappointing.

    Its not a valid excuse that were a "small company" , as a small company our customer service needs to be exceptional , not hit or miss .

    Im looking into scale20s specific case , if a customer has taken the time to visit us , and we cant even follow that up effectively then we need a sharp kick up the censored , as owner of the company its pretty embarrassing so to the affected customers sorry weve not been good enough .
  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300

    When we visited I kept it as short as possible because I was conscious that you were busy and a bit chaotic having just moved premises. Stevo was brilliant, took us into the warehouse and showed me the bike I was after, the frame colour options and some of the build spec I was after. All of my bone questions were answered and we went away happy having achieved what we set out to do.

    I got home that day, detailed my build and emailed it in for a price. I got a response saying it will get built and a price for the next day. Almost a week went by with no response. I must admit I was getting a little annoyed at not having a response after my efforts to drive from North Wales to visit you and take time off work. I was thinking about sacking the Idea of the scandal and buying a Giant XTC 1 29er but my other half tuned me in! I just wonder how much longer I would have waited had I not chased it up.

    All emails I sent were replied to in good time. I have now ordered and paid for my Scandal, and just waiting for it to turn up so I can get it built and out on the trail.
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  • I've got nothing but good things to say about on-one. Dead helpful when I was choosing my frame (trying to decide between 456 and summer season). They gave me some great advice on what equipment to use and delivered nice and fast.
  • Iain CIain C Posts: 464
    Super quick service, although so quick they put my headset in the box with my frame rather than fitting it. I was told no bother, a careful DIY fit with gentle tapping/block of wood would see it OK though as steel frames don't have same issues.

    You pays your money and you takes your choice, I don't expect "suits you sir" service from an internet retailer of the type that On-One is, and my £99 Slotty Inbred was such a bloody bargain with such superb workmanship I am still a very happy bunny indeed.
  • JamesBrckmnJamesBrckmn Posts: 1,360
    I've only bought fsa gravity lite handlebars from them, and it was quick delivery, but what was best is they were £20, reduced from £70!
  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,899
    Mixed feelings here.Here's a list of my correspondence:

    I've noticed there's a price drop on all 456/Summer season bikes(£110) is that just a one week price or will it run into next week(Pay week!!)


    from [email protected] <[email protected]>
    Next week too ;-) it is a slow feb

    I then received this email

    I got in trouble for this
    Join the newsletter and we will run a discount code

    i replied with this

    Ey up mate
    when will you be running the discount code?


    hi paul
    we will be running the discount codes by the end of the week
    all info will be in the newsletter

    no discount code so i email again and today i get this

    Hi we are not doing a Discount on the frames
    But we are doing a finishing kit deal ... ilder.html

    So sent this

    This to me seems contradictory.I don't want a frameset with rigid fork!
    I wanted a frame as i have most of the bits to build a bike.Had i have known this a couple of weeks ago i could've gone elsewhere.


    Then i received this
    Hi Mark

    sorry giving out the wrong info we got into trouble for running the discount codes so we had to pull it.
    If i had known at the time i would of informed you as to what was going on and given you the right info


    So not the best or worst service i suppose.
  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    I think Im getting there on this one, It's all been very emotional!

    Gave a an SLX build spec on pink frame and black finishing kit with rigid forks.

    I got a reply with with a price and a link to my build so I could buy it online. The link went to a pink frame with white finishing kit. Emailed them and said I asked for black finishing kit on the pink not the white.

    All sorted and 2 boxes were on their way however only 1 box turned up on the sat and the second on the monday. Not On-one's fault just incompetent couriers.

    Opened the box only to see a white seatpost :x :x and an SLX mech instead of an XT mech and my chain was missing. Figured the chain was in the 2nd box due on Monday but it wasn't.

    Chain and black seatpost have arrived today however I have just noticed that I don't have a seatclamp :cry: Ah censored it I think I'm just going to buy one elsewhere, I know I have paid for one with the build but I just can't handle this anymore :?

    I have had a good speedy service when getting the stuff in the post is concerned, they just need a little more attention to detail when it comes to sending the right stuff out.
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  • I ordered my a frame from on one on the 2nd feb, and i still hadnt got it by the 13th of feb, so i rang them up and asked about it and they said their computers hadnt registered my payment so the frame wasnt sent but they didnt think to ring me and tell me about the problem. They just left it until i rang them but i feel they should have rang me and told me about the problem. Fortunately the lady on the phone was very helpful and i got the frame by the 15th of feb.

    So some good and some bad service from on one.
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  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    sound like a bunch of cowboys to me... all my bike exept for the demo 7 were bought over the internet. at various shops i never had any trouble like mentioned above had excellet communtication with the shops and all parts that were ordered arrived as per the order right colours right specs,,, i was told by the shop blazing saddles what parts they could and could not get , which made ordering easy...

    it makes me wonder how shops like this have any customers.... what kind of staff do they employ...
  • Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458
    They've been pretty decent responding to any queries I've had in the past. I bought an Inbred slotted frame a few weeks' ago for my build, which was delivered very promptly, and it looks very nice indeed now it's built.

    However, I have managed to damage the frame :oops: and I did email On-One last Sunday, with pictures, asking their opinion and they haven't replied as yet. :?
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