sports physio recommendations - Warrington/North Cheshire?

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Just thought I'd ask. I've had a bike fit with Paul Hewitts and was happy with that but recently been having lots of problems with my right hip/groin and my hamstring/calf feels dead tight and the outer ankle joint gets sore.

I thought i might have affected things by moving my cleats recently (though I think the float is such that I adopt a fairly natural position on the pedals so I don't know). It might be more overpronation or other bio-mechanical problems on the bike.

Most sports physio's are fairly good at a range of sports but I'm wondering if anyone has used someone in my locality (or a bit further afield) who has more experience in dealing with cycling type injuries/problems?

Alternatively does anyone has any other suggestions? I've seen a fairly comprehensive sounding service provided by a company called Bike Dynamics in lemmington spa which seemed to be able to measure a range of things using video techinques etc.

This does seem to be a lot more than most bike fitting and uses technology a lot - but is that better? Also, it's a fair way away from warrington and quite expensive so I'm not sure if it's an alternative worth thinking of

any thoughts welcome as it's annoying me now that each time i ride, I get a niggle or just when I think I've rested enough it (or a variance on the leg niggle comes back - possibly as I'm over compesating or something).

thanks for any advice
Looking for a friendly & welcoming club in Warrington/North Cheshire area ?
Try North Cheshire Clarion :


  • George Morris is a good sports physio, not sure he is especially for cycling but he is a good bloke and physio. He's a bit out of your way as he is based in Ashton in Makerfield and has a practice in Wigan also.
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    You could also try refering yourself into your local hospital for some free physio treatment.I did and they done a good job on my shoulder when i injured it, and they have shed loads of people in with sports injuries.And if you need follow up treatment, and you don't want to refer yourself again they will probably know a good sports physio in your area,atb Gary
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    I've successfully used the sports physios working out of the Alive & Well gym at Birchwood, admittedly more for running injuries ( :( ) rather than cycling - lots of people from my running club (Spectrum Striders) use them.

    They seem to have a reasonable throughput of people though - I've asked for the same person next time, only to find they've moved on and I've seen someone else.
    - worth ringing and seeing if they have someone who's cycling-aware ?
  • I also get tight calfs from running, have been geting these for a number of years and really struggled to find somone who knew what they were doing.

    About 6 months ago I found the place!!!

    Im in Cheshire and this is in South Manc and easy to get to.

    I can highly recomend the place - still go back every 6 weeks for maintenance more than anything else, and can safely say the problem is on its way out.