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glenncampbellglenncampbell Posts: 51
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Had a few issues converting my Easton XC One wheelset to tubeless. Bought some Racing Ralphs, JRA Rim Strips and stans sealant. I couldn't get them to hold air overnight over a week or so :-(. I'd emailed the guys at JRA for advice on fettling etc. Managed to get the tyres to hold pressure by lowering pressure to 10 psi, rode along for 20 minutes to get a good seal everywhere, then inflated properly and went out on the trails for a few hours. Sorted! So, the fantastic after sales support from Matthew and the guys from JRA was very welcome indeed - as was their patience - thanks guys!


  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 4,329
    err, why would they melt, is it a Shwable thing?
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  • Nothing lasts forever . . . . . . . . . comments about schwalbe sidewall and general durability have been common, and not everyone likes all of the sealants out there. Have had no problems in 18 months with my Nobby Nics and Stans . . . . . like everything else some like them and some don't.
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    so what has this post got to do with tech and workshop?


    and yet some sealants are some causing tyres to de-laminate.
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  • 10/10 from me as well, great guys, great service
  • It's in workshop as their advice on how to get the tyres to seal is in the first place.
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