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La Vaujany?

bs147bs147 Posts: 164
I've missed the entry for the Marmotte this year and was thinking of doing La Vaujany a week earlier instead. Has anyone done it before and if so, does it come recommended?


  • Yes it's a great route, very hard work. In fact come to think of it I bailed before the end. So yes, well worth it. Beautiful climbs, really.

    I took this picture when I stopped for a wizz at the top of the first climb:
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    Nice but it's on some crappy roads in places, don't go with your finest tubs or carbon rims.
  • morrisjemorrisje Posts: 507
    I did it last year. There are two ride lengths, one 110 miles and the other about 70 miles. I was signed up for the long one but after two days in the alps realised that there was no chance. The 70 mile ride was challenging. There are two large climbs and one long uphill drag that seemed to go on for ever. The longer ride also takes in Alp d'Huez not the usual road but one that goes round the back and is in a poor state.
    I thought I was going quite well until a guy with one leg and one arm shot past me. However his one leg was very muscular. I got him on the next climb.
    The final climb up to the finsish line is an absolute killer. The whole ride is not an easy option.
  • sherersherer Posts: 2,453
    did this last year. Great ride but it was tough. First time in the Alps and like a few brits I was under prepared for it.

    The start isn't the same as the finish so we actually started late which wasn't good.

    The day seemed hotter than hell and the second climb is a 20k drag that just goes on foever in a valley between two higher mountains. The heat was trapped and it just seemed to get hotter and hotter. As we started late the feed stations closed on us so not a good day at all.

    Would do it again as want to finish it. The event is smaller than Marmotte but very challenging, well it was for me anyway, but would do it again as want to finish the route
  • Did this event in 2006 , having done the marmotte in 2005 . Its on a smaller scale , less stressful from the start. Smaller numbers ( about 2500) but still a lot of quality rider in this event. It does go flat out from the gun however , due to the route decending in the direction of Grenoble. Theres some great scenery around the Col d'Ornon area. The climbs are challanging but not as severe as say the galibier.
    The road after Alpe d'huez is very tricky in parts with storm drains running across the road. Its worh your while to go and have a look at this section of road and indeed the decent from the Col de Sarenne too. (lots of gravel )
    As said before the last climb to the finish can be a killer , it climbs right to the finish line.Be sure to leave some gas in the tank for this one . Was very warm that year I did it . Be prepared to stop in villages and fill your own bottles .
    My time was under 7hrs and this got me a top 50 finish. My time the previous year for the marmotte was 7h25mins and i was "placed" in the 300's bracket.

    I think its a great event , good luck it you intend doing it.

    Have a look at the video I took while riding the event in 2008. It's a course that I ilke and would certainly recommend anyone to ride it.

    Cheers, Russell
  • KléberKléber Posts: 6,842
    Total porn! it'll have you lusting for the mountains, the sunshine, the fields full of flowers and a pair of aching legs.
  • bs147bs147 Posts: 164
    Thanks for all the replies - and everyone of them a recommendation! Looks like I know what I'll be doing at the end of June!
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