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Best time to go to Morzine/Les Gets?

mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,250
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What are the best months to go to Les gets/Morzine for DH?


  • perceypercey Posts: 53
    hi there, went middle of september, next to no one around, trails completely free, ski lifts virtually empty, weather fab, beer bloody expensive!!! i found one of these holiday,s in the back of mbr, £250, 7 night,s b,n,b, ( flight,s extra),plus the host took me out three times in that week, guiding round some heavenly trails!!!
  • warrerjwarrerj Posts: 665
    September inthe Alps in VERY hit and miss but is otside the peak time so you pays your money and you takes your chance.

    At the moment the Euro is strong so everywhere is expensive !!

    Any particular reason why you want to go to Les Gets and Morzine ?? There are loads of other places in Europe with good biking but a lot less Brits!! Always a good option in my book !! :wink:
  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,250
    Thanks for the advice. Mainly because i've heard good stuff about Morzine, it would work out quite cheap, and it isn't too far away.

    Anywhere else where you can travel by ferry ideally - but flying aswell...
  • July and August all the lifts are open but it's busier. Within those months the trails tend to be quieter in august, than in july. In June and early september, there are less lifts, but still loads of great trails, cheaper accommodation and a lot quieter.

    All depends what you're after!
  • rhextrhext Posts: 1,639
    Surely it's got to be February/March? The skiing's awful in the Summer: you end up having to cycle everywhere.
  • Well you could always try this at the end of June

    Only 40 euros to take part, seems good value
    75 km (74 downhill)


    but to note registration via the website has been down the last 2 weeks.
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