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Best D-Lock for around £20- 25

captccaptc Posts: 47
edited February 2010 in MTB general
I have been looking on Amazon, and they seem to have some good value D locks around the £20 mark, including the extra cable.

These are the ones I've looked at:

Master Lock Street Fortum (Gold Secure) £21.49

Onguard Bulldog (Silver Secure I think) £21.21

Magnum UL4 Shackle Lock (Silver Secure I think)-£20.40

Onguard Pitbull Shackle Lock (silver secure I think)- £23.71

I first thought that I should go for the Fortum Gold secure one, but then after reading the review on here, it didn't seem such a good choice.
I think the Pitbull is slightly more secure than the Bulldog, is that right?
Or is there another lock I should consider?

Cheers for any advice. :)
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