Vittoria Rubino Pro VS Conti GP4000S

GavH Posts: 933
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Thinking about getting a pair of these in Celeste for no other reason than the colour. Currently running a pair of Conti GP4000S tyres which have less than 1000 miles on them, zero punctures, no real problems. Bike only used for training, not racing and only rarely on wet roads.

Am I being daft or is there little if any difference between the two?


  • cougie
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    I'm really happy with my conti gp4000s - had them on for years now with no problems. Punctures piss me off so I'm not swapping them even if other tyres are pretty colours.
  • ajb72
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    I have run both and they are both really good tyres. From what I have seen so far, the Vittoria tyres feel firmer than the Conti's, but last a little longer. You can't go wrong with either choice, I preferred the look of the Vittoria's personally
  • GregC
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    GavH, you can't get out much if the bike's used for training and only rarely on wet roads if you live in Ireland ; ) !!
    I've had Conti 4000s on my winterbike this year and done 1000 miles ,no punctures --no doubt will do this week though , thouroughly reccomended .I know there are proper winter tyres but I couldn't be bothered to change these over so I've kept them on .