Narrow Fitting Helmet

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Hi guys,

At the moment I have a Bell Alchera helmet, but because I have a long, narrow head it grips at the front and back with loads of room at the side. This means it can wobble about all over the place even when it is properly fastened. Also, it gives me surface headaches in my forehead :(
Can anyone recommend a helmet I can get for £50 - £60 that might fit a narrow head better?



  • Link won't load :(
    But I sure as hell ain't an alien :P
  • Garry H
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    Works for me. But you've sussed it so will no longer have the desired effect :cry:

    On a sensible note, I would just go to a shop and try loads on.
  • Hehe managed to get it work on my iPod :D
    And the problem is that my head isn't just long, it's big (60cm), and all the helmets in shops are small because that's the moat popular size.
    I don't really want to ask them to order a load in and then probably not end up buying any of them.
    I'd rather just order online and return if need be.
    So back to the original question... :P