Sirrus elite, should i keep Alex S500 wheelset

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I am getting Specialized Sirrus elite 2010 on a bike 2 work scheme. I liked the comfort of the bike and am trying to find a do-anything kind of ride.

The query is should I keep or change the wheelset that comes with the bike?

The choice is:

Alex S500, aluminium, sleeve joint, CNC machined sidewalls, Hubs: Forged alloy, sealed, QR, 32h. These are the standard equipment on the sirrus, I have no particular idea of the quality of these wheels so would welcome feedback on them.

Or should I just go straight ahead and swap them for an immaculate set of Mavic open pro on 32h shimano 105 hubs which I have on my Lemond racer.

One of the wheelsets will have to go as I am intending to sell the Lemond as a full bike so it will need some wheels on it, so which should I keep for the sirrus?

The sirrus will mainly be a commuter, with some 50 mile day rides thrown in, occasionally with a light pannier or two. It will go off tarmac occasionally as well as I will have a set of 32c cyclocross tyres that will go on just for forest track and towpath rides, obviously no proper off-roading, I have a MTB for that!



  • I haven't seen or used the alex wheels. Also, I don't know how much mileage your old (but immaculate) wheel have on them. my lbs reckons that lx/ultegra hubs have better bearings than 105 for servicing etc, Having said all that I prefer retro wheel to the more modern ones (and the open pros are superb rims) - they're not as fast or aerodynamic, but seem to me to be more comfortable.

    Having said all that after having spent a lot of time reading posts, reviews, and deliberating over equipment, i recall that my lbs shop owner said to me one day.... you don't need carbon bars, stems, titanium pedals, even though I will make plenty of cash by flogging them to you. just get up off your arse and cycle your bike. if you want to some lose weight eat less burgers, it's cheaper! (or words to that effect). The same guy use to cycle professionally, but now just uses a trek 1.? with standard ultegra because "it just works".

    Anyway thats my 10 cents worth (and you're probablly still just as much in the dark!)
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    ive found alex rims to be very durable although not heavy or light. thick breaking suface and spoke bed. they are rims only. as for the spokes i dont know what they used but snapped a lot. some people have had similar things happen. depends who's hubs and spokes have been used i think. the rims get a big thumbs up from me.
  • I have the 2009 Sirrius Elite which I use for commuting. I have worn through the rear rim in about 4800 miles. I had a front wheel made up with a 32 spoke Open Pro ri
    and a Schmidt dyno hub which felt stiffer/lighter than the original wheel. I was just going to use that for the winter, but I'm giving serious consideration to keeping it on all year. The new rear was a cheap factory built wheel (£60) with a Tiagra hub and it feels way better. I would definately dump the wheels that come with the bike asap.
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    cheers for the replys, CarlosD, your experience is a little worrying.... did the wheels stay stright and true untill they wore our? maybe best if i just get shot of them sooner rather than later.

    let me stress, i do not perceive that one wheel will be faster than the other, i just want a wheel that wont let me down.
  • I found both front and rear wheels would rub the brakes during cornering. Front wheel is still true, rear went out very slightly after about 1000 miles. My commute has some pretty poorly surfaced roads so I wasn't to worried and it didn't get any worse. After about 2000 miles the rear started to plink, I rather unscientifically tightened all the spokes by half a turn and that seemed to sort it out. The wheel felt a lot better after that as well.

    My plan always was to replace parts with better ones as they wore out, did think I'd get more than 14 months use out of the back wheel though. I now rinse the brake pads and wheel rims to wash the worst of the road mud off every morning when I arrive at work, hopefully this will help.
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