Road Tyres - commuting and light racing/training

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How can I live a puncture free (free-ish) life? Is the question I keep asking myself. I have tried to look at all the options but just can't seem to figure out which options is best. The three brands I have been looking at are:

- Specialized Armadillo
- Panaracer Extreme Duro
- Continental Top Contact

I live in SE london and the roads are certainly not paved with gold, so punctures are commonplace. Which tyre is best for reducing punctures but not losing too much speed?



  • Well, I ran armadillos for a while but amazingly kept getting punctures! So I asked my LBS, Sigma Sport in Hampton Wick (which by the way, is an aladins cave and the best bike shop I've ever been to for racing bikes and kit) and they recommended Continental Grand Prix 4000. I went for the slightly stickier 4000S tyre with their hot chilli compound. This time I'm buying a bike and have spec'd Grand Prix 4000 Four Seasons which is a slightly tougher, less puncture prone tyre. I've been very happy with Continentals and riding in London, with all the broken glass, you need a fairly strong tyre.
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