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Strong Words...

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Following a former GB Rugby League international testing positive for an unnamed PED Paul Cullen (former pro, former top flight coach, current coach of one of the bigger 2nd tier teams) said the following

"Unfortunately I think these type of issues are only the tip of the iceberg," said the Widnes and former Warrington coach Paul Cullen on Sky's Boots and All ­programme. "We've introduced blood testing and hopefully that's going to frighten the cheats that live in our game to death. I think we should have ­mandatory tests for every single player at Super League level – blood tests regularly through the season and random testing on top. The cost is irrelevant. We've got to get rid of this problem in our sport.

"There's a frightening rumour going around our game that you can't be tested guilty for growth hormone. It's ignorance from some players, and it frightens me – as a coach, as an ex-player, and as a father of young players who are involved in this game. They may end up playing against players who are taking these substances. We need a moral compass."

Taken from

I just couldn't imagine a cycling manager being so direct at the probelm when asked. I was really pleased, as well, that a bloke with that kind of attitude coached my club for 7 years. There's another quote at the bottom from Brian Carney who makes a comment on the player personally... Another thing you don't see often in cycling.

I only put this up as i've always suspected a culture of doping in Rugby League, and i'm really glad to see blokes at the sharp edge prepared to talk so directly about it!
"In many ways, my story was that of a raging, Christ-like figure who hauled himself off the cross, looked up at the Romans with blood in his eyes and said 'My turn, sock cookers'"



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    Strong words indeed, from a strongly furrowed and pronounced brow..
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • I think he's concerned as much as anything that this is a contact sport and some clean young player could come up against a doped up artificially fast hulk and be seriously hurt.

    the need to speak out is far greater than in cycling which isn't a contact sport. yes you may win races unfairly but rarely are you liable to hurt or kill a rival competitor through your use of PED's

    the risk of physical harm and death as a direct result of taking these things is the same whichever sport though.
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