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Hayes MX4 cable disc brakes poor stopping power question

HadaganHadagan Posts: 72
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi guys

I have bought a Giant Yukon FX3 full suss with these brakes and the front one is very poor

I live too far away from the shop I bought it from on the .net ( paulscycles ) so i cant just take it back

The back disc brake locks up just fine and good but I can pull on the front brake and still pedal in 2nd gear ( middle ring front ) and 3,4 on the back

Is that right that I should be able to do that?

I have read on mtr forums that people say these brakes are great but at the moment my canti front brake on my 16 year old bike is better

I have adjusted them via the MX3 manual, and what it says here ..........

I have also swapped around the rear and front pads but still the front brake power is poor

I have done 30 miles on the bike now. A mix of some DH and some XC so it should be bedded in by now right ?

Thanks in advance for any advice as this forum is invaluable to me



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    sounds like more bedding in. and maybe some adjustment needed make sure the static piston is as close as possible to the rotor.
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  • Thanks for your reply

    The static pad is as close as poss without rubbing constantly
  • u nailed it nicklouse.
  • PhinxPhinx Posts: 297
    Hi Hadagan

    I bought the same bike from Paul's Cycles as well. I didn't have any problems with the pads until about 2-2.5 months down the line. I haven't had a chance to really test the machine because of the studies right now, but it seems you have pushed yours a bit. In my case, the pads became mirror-smooth after those 2.5 moths. Prior to me knowing that the state the pas are in is wrong, i swapped them around, adjusted the piston and tension, but nothing helps and at higher speeds the brakes slowly transform my bike in to death on wheels. I think the stock pads are rubbish and asking for a replacement. I'm looking for one right now, although i'm not sure which ones are worth going for.
    Giant Yukon FX3
  • vengeance111vengeance111 Posts: 137
    i havent got a front brake all at the moment :D
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