Quick question for the Dura Ace 7850 50mm owners...

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I had these fitted today and am pleased.

However, I also have the 1380 clinchers. They seem to have the same hub systems, but the 50mm wheels click when free wheeling /coasting, which whilst I can tolerate it, preferred to silence/stealth of the 1380 wheels. Do your 50mm's click...?

For reference, both sets have the same cassette set up.

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  • relanium
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    I have the 1380 clinchers and mine are not silent, mine click when free wheeling, at first they were silent but as there getting worn in there beginning to click louder.
  • A bit off topic but I'm waiting for my 50mm 7850's to be delivered and was just wondering what length valve inner tubes you are using? Or are you using valve extenders? If so which ones?

    P.S. I did read in one review that the free wheels sometimes clicks on these wheels.