Shimano to look is it worth it just for weight saving's

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I have 105 pedals they are great but they are heavy compared to the new look pedals.The new keo max are much lighter,would I really notice the weight savings.I have talked to a few guy's about this and got mixed views.

One man thinks the keo would be a much better pedal.Another thinks that most look pedals squeak,his did after only one days riding.I have cycled next with him and they do have a faint squeak.

I plan on cycling a lot this year so any weight savings at my age might be welcome.Or am I being silly. :oops:


  • I doubt that you will notice any difference. I've been using Look pedals for the last 20 years - never had any squeak (probably down to the cleats and lots of foot movement.

    Spend your money on something else.
  • dennisn
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    You're being silly. Why get rid of pedals that work for you??? You'll never notice the difference in speed, which there wouldn't be any of to begin with. Which is the only plausible reason you could have for switching two basically identical items. Well, maybe you want a different color, but that's another story. :wink::wink:
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    Pretty pointless unless your current pedals are knackered.
  • I forgot to mention that sometimes,and I mean sometimes it can be a little hard to get out of my

    shimano's.I have taken a short spin on the keo max and it is much easier to disengage.If for nothing else I think it is a safer pedal.I really like the large platform of my shimano's and the new keo max also has a large platform like my 105's.

    You know come to think about it I am being silly.I will stick with my current pedals,thanks for the replies