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over night enduro......

fletch1004fletch1004 Posts: 32
edited February 2010 in MTB rides
im thinking about entering the set to rise over night enduro event, what id like to know is does anybody have any experiance in this event? i want to enter it solo and this will be the first event of its kind that ive tried, is this totaly mental?

a few things that im concrened about are, as far as im aware no good lights last long enough to be run from sun set to sun rise so how do people get around this? should i buy standard battery powered lights or buy spare battery packs to swap them around? also what other items would you recomend i take with me as spares? i should be able to get someone to act as support if anything like that is needed?

any imput would be great cheers.
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  • AtzAtz Posts: 1,383
    For D2D, there's usually a supplier (Lumicycle) who will charge your batteries for you between laps. Taht said, it means you either need two sets of batteries or take some time off when there's a chance they go flat.

    In terms of supplies, depending when it is, take the usual consumables (speedlinks, tubes, tyres, pads) etc. Personally I threw in my toolkit and all my spares just in case I needed them.
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