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Morzine - July 2010

WilburnatorWilburnator Posts: 33
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Hi Guys

Im driving to Morzine 3rd July with 5 mates. (3 per car) and staying in an awesome appartment.

Can any1 give any tips - eg) best trails, bars, food, driving route tips etc etc


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  • P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
    If you can find one, hire a guide for the day. They'll be able to show so stuff off the beaten track. The big motorway trails:

    The Pleney (black), 3.3 km, altitude difference 560 m

    Les Gets:
    Mont Chéry (black), 3.8 km, altitude difference 620 m
    Chavannes (blue), 1.3 km, altitude difference 255 m

    Are dead easy to find, they're great fun, but they get very busy and chewed up. If you spent a week just riding these you're be robbing yourself and get brutalised by the braking bumps.

    There's loads of trails in the Morzine and Les Gets Valleys, I hear they put a load more signs in last year, but I'd still try to get a guide, they'll be able to guide you over to Switzerland and up to Chatel. You could probably find your way yourself, but just get a guide. There's loads of seasonaires who'll take you about for a day. I think we paid €100 for a group of 4 of us.
  • P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
    P.S. Bars - Drinking Mutzig in Bar Robinson after a hard days riding is a right of passage for MTB'ers.

    Expect to see dozens and dozens of riders there after the lifts close, a squillion pounds worth of bikes littered about and to be surprisingly pissed after a few small glasses of the stuff.
  • cobecobe Posts: 11
    I second what p-jay said you must find bar Robinson and try the Mutzig my record is a poor 4 pint and i was bladdered. Second thing to do in Morzine is to ride if you can find chatel bike park on a map its worth a days playing and its quieter than most of the other trails unless its the weekend when all the frenchies are there. To get to chatel bike park head up the super morzine gondola then up the chair lift at this point you have reached the top then head towards Les Lindarets if in doubt just ask other riders there all friendly.
    P.S in the center of town in the square is a tourist info you will get maps there worth picking one up.
  • Cheers Guys
    Can't wait now, been checking some of the vids on youtube and it looks awesome. Going to try and do the 78km Portes Du Solei ride. Circular route that ventures in2 Switzerland. 480m Vertical Uphill and 6500m of downhill - lol new pads pls!
    Am I puddled as a muppet or muddled as a puppet?
  • ooo just found this thread! me and a mate are going to morzine to do passporte du soleil and staying for the week can't wait!

    any tips on things to take? i think im guna use a super tacky minion on the front and a HR on the back. is it worth using downhil tubes??

    im guna be flying with easy jet, i was guna use clothes to wrap the bike up someone told me they wouldn't let you do that is this true??

    im staying with flowmtb anyone used they before?

    are there any good websites to read up on?
  • Hi KingCraig - we'll send you a suggested kit list a couple of months before you come out :)
    Use dual ply tyres and normal tubes. We generally use Minions and high rollers, so you should be good with your planned set up. We also have instructions (with photos) on packing your bike up on our blog, again we'll send a link to this with the kit list.

    As for clothes...all the airlines say the only thing in your bike bag should be the bike itself. Sometimes they will open your bag/box to check that you haven't added in extra stuff. So if you put in shoes, your camelback etc they may tell you to remove them. However, if there are clothes wrapped around your bike they probably won't make an issue of this - you say it's protection for the bike. Your best bet is to make sure it's not too heavy/over weight limits so they don't want to look in - sometimes put heavy parts in your other case, and be very friendly to check in staff. A smile goes a long way towards not making them want to make a fuss!
  • thanks sara!! look forward to see you and the team!! :D
  • Hi Guys

    Im driving to Morzine 3rd July with 5 mates. (3 per car) and staying in an awesome appartment.

    Can any1 give any tips - eg) best trails, bars, food, driving route tips etc etc



    Get In!!! Only a week to go before heading to Morzine.
    Am I puddled as a muppet or muddled as a puppet?
  • Luke-DobLuke-Dob Posts: 121
    Think we are gonna have to organize a meet up.... Im going on the 3rd too :D

    Packing the bike into its bag tomorrow night, serviced it today, gather all my riding gear and armor and everything else....

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
    6 years riding bikes, 8 broken bones, gravity can be a b**ch
  • ski-freakski-freak Posts: 121
    i've driven down twice, once in winter and once in summer and found the tolls to be amazing! straight off the ferry at calais for about 10 miles on dual carriageway then your on the toll all the way to geneva where you can either go the mountain route through les gets or the lake way through thonon.

    the tolls cost pretty much bang on Eur65 each way and there are service stations/ rest stops every 10 miles awhich is great. my tip is to get fuel at the services which are supermarkets as the fuel is a about 10c cheaper per litre aswell as food and drinks etc. also take a 2 litre bottle of drink per person for the journey as its about 3 euro a 500ml bottle of juice at services, also take plenty of sarnies and snacks as the same applies!

    hope that helps
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