What pump for my roadie?

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Currently have a generic specialized rescue pump on my frame but this summer I'm going to be touring & will need a pump that does more than rescue but easily and accurately gets me to 100-120 psi.

Something like a Specialized Windpipe? Anything better/smaller on the market?


  • porker33
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    I use a Topeak roadmorph, it is relatively small/light yet seems sturdy enough to pump 120psi
  • iPete
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    Thanks, fantastic suggestion!
  • skyd0g
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    The Lezyne Road Drive range are good and come with a 'connector hose' that's compatible with both Presta and Schraeder valves. The adaptor hose makes pumping easier as there is no fear of ripping the valve off if pumping gets too vigorous.
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  • rolf_f
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    I recently bought a Leyzne Power Drive - dunno how good it is as I haven't had the opportunity (!) to test it yet but it gets great reviews. In fact, tbh, I haven't even put it in the saddle bag yet as I am too busy admiring how beautifully it is put together. :lol:
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  • porker33
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    I can't claim much credit for the suggestion, there are many who have gone before me with the recommendation, see here for reviews;

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Topea ... 360036955/
  • keef66
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    I have the Road Morph with gauge, and as a result I have still not bought a track pump after 18 months of road riding. Got me back on the road smartly enough when I had my one and only puncture. Natty little bit of kit.
  • mrushton
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    Road Morph or Park PMP5 (which is reviewed today on TWMP)

  • porker33 wrote:
    I use a Topeak roadmorph, it is relatively small/light yet seems sturdy enough to pump 120psi

    +1, just the ticket :)
  • Scrumple
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    roadmorph for tourng (large)

    lezyne for road use (smaller)... pressure drive, or road version.
  • Tom Butcher
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    Lezyne road drive does the job nicely - I have the medium so I imagine the large is even better and still a reasonable size. For the winter bike I have a frame fit pump though - not that it's much more effective but as I leave it on the bike it saves those **** I forgot to bring a pump out moments.

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