an introduction for a non cyclist

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Ok, I’ve decided to get a bike and kick some ass on the cycling track, I think I’m most likely suited to cross over from the 200 meters to some of these shorter track cycling events. I’ve seen the track at Manchester and it looks like a lot of pain is to be had.
This is not meant as a post to bait or be inflammatory in any way but I cant wait to show you white boys to bet on black  And I know I’m going to look hot in that skin suit!
Joking apart, where is the best place to get an introduction, preferably where I can hire a bike to see how I get on? I live in Basingstoke.


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    Welcome. Sounds like you're the right attitude to be a track sprinter! :wink:

    The two closest outdoor tracks to you are the Palmer Park track in Reading and the Herne Hill track just down the road from Brixton.

    Herne Hill definitely hires out bikes to newcomers and offers inductions on Saturday mornings. The track opens, weather permitting, on the 6th of March.

    I don't know if Palmer Park does or not, hopefully someone else will know.

    A final option is Calshot, an short (140 m) indoor track on Southampton Water, so again not too far from you. That is open all year round but I've no idea if they do bike hire or inductions for newcomers.
  • thanks AndyP ill have a look.
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    From Basingstoke, you have 2 options:

    Track bike training starts on Thursday evenings again at Palmer Park in Reading from 25 Mar. There are hire bikes available but (picking up on your ‘non cyclist’ comment if it’s serious) you will be expected to have some basic skills riding a fixed gear bike.

    If you need to learn to ride fixed, perhaps you need to arrange to come to the Palmer Park Velo sessions on a Saturday morning which will help senior riders too.

    BTW, Palmer Park ain’t no Manchester...

    Your other option would be to get on a beginners session at Newport on a Monday evening if you want to learn on an indoor track -
    I’m a sprinter – I warmed up yesterday.
  • Don't be surprised if you get your ass whupped by a 9 year old girl though, it takes time to get good on the track.
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    Or you could try Calshot which is about an hour away and indoors.

    It's short & steep though!!