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Carnac road shoes 2010

jason78jason78 Posts: 158
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In my search for a decent pair of road shoes ive spotted these.. ... Shoes.html ... Shoes.html

Just wondering if anyone as a pair so i can gauge the sizing/fit,due to having quite wide fit so the likes of sidi are not an option.

thanks in advance
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  • Jason..............

    If I was going to drop £300 on a pair of shoes I certainly would want to try them on . :shock:

    That aside to your OP I had a pair of Carnac ( MPS 55 IIRC ) they were slightly wider than my current SIDI Genius 5.5 . They were 1/2 size bigger than normal shoe size for me .
    The Heels went sloppy ater about 1 year use ie the heels went very wide and didnt hold my feet secure no matter how tight the front Buckle / straps were .

    P.S. SIDI doe an extra wide fit ... elID=43199[url][/url]
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,814
    If you are buying shoes that you are 100% confident on the sizing of then you should be trying them on.
    I've work Sidis and Carnacs - Sidis were a squeeze in a 43 but I just got comfortable in them but they verged on the tight, 1 pair Carnacs were perfect, still wearing these after about 7 years, another pair I got s/h, same size, I just cannot quite get comfy in, insoles in or out, they just don't seem to match up with my feet.
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    I wouldn't buy Carnac shoes on principle, using kangaroo leather is quite disgusting imo. I do buy Sidis however which are excellent.
  • aarwaarw Posts: 448
    Carnac shoes aren't what they once were. For that money i'd be looking at custom, no doubt about it.
  • kangeroo, cow the same? i think kangaroo is tougher than cow leather so on principle i would buy it over cow. Sidi are a bit weak in my opinion, style over substance. No leather though so good for vegans.
  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,909
    My Carnacs were fabulous. I dug them out after a few years off the road (MTB-ing) and the leather facing disintegrated the first time they got a good soaking. Understandable after so long in a box but disappointing 'cos they were so good. Stiif soled, just the right size (normal shoe size worked for me but they may have changed the last over the years) and with a good stiff toe box that had plenty of room in it.

    Don't seem to be all that easy to find in-store so you can try them on - at least up in the North East. I'd have another pair for sure. Both links look like they've sold out now. As someone earlier said, I'd want to be sure that they fit before I bought them, or that I could return and get a refund.
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