Puncture resistant tyre

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I know this has probably been done to death but i have done a couple of searches but could not find the answer to my question so here goes.

all terrain mtb tyre for off road and a bit of on road
26 2.3 to run at high pressure (65 psi) as i am a fatty.

there i"ve said it have had conti speed kings but keep getting punctures tried slim tyre liners. came to a head today when my front tyre totally failed and i had to push home. big hole let tube though and by the time i had fitted my spare tube could not keep it in


any suggestions please.


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    Look at Maxxis range single ply tyres e.g. High Roller 2.35. These are tough but of course weighty.

    You could try a downhill inner tubes first of all - again weighty but virtually eliminates pinch flats for me.

    If you are REALLY fat - both of the above.

    If you are over 20 stone then maybe even look at 'double ply' Maxxis tyres. Although I would think that single would be fine...
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    As another large guy I am going to offer slightly different advice.

    I used to puncture most rides until I went tubeless, now I puncture so rarely I can't remember the last time...not on my last two, wait 3 sets of tyres.

    Using high volume tyres tubelessed you can run low pressures (helping traction and comfort) and will be almost puncture proof.

    youtube ghetto tubeless

    I am currently running stouts, 20/40.

    do not inflate a tubless kevlar rimmed tyre above 40 psi.
    1: you don't need to
    2: it'll go BANFG
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  • passout wrote:
    You could try a downhill inner tubes first of all - again weighty but virtually eliminates pinch flats for me

    +1 havnt had a flat in 6months :D
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  • Im a hefty guy like yourself i run DMR moto RT tires and havent had a puncher in the 2-3 years they have been on plus they last realy long.
    not so grippy in the mud but perfect for everything else
  • well am now running maxxis highrollers with downhill tubes at 60psi.

    now getting puntures from hawthorn thorns going though both

    puncture every other ride.

    yes i do do the same route, but its a good un.

    some bright spark has said ride the route the other way this would mean the thorns would be pointing away from me

    i am at the point of buying a "road bike"

    save me from this.........
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    Have you tried the kevlar tape from panaracer to line the tyres, i haven`t had a puncture since fitting it in my kenda nevs. (touch wood )
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    I've been having a similar problem with speed kings. I like the tyres in the dry as they roll really well but the punctures are getting a pain.

    I've decided the schwalbe double defense tyres are the way to go. Probably with a nobby nic up front and a racing ralph at the back (not cheap I know). Should also give a bit more grip up front as I've had a few moments losing the front wheel.