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Swinley Ride Sunday the 21st

TrailDogMTBTrailDogMTB Posts: 41
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A couple of us are going for an explore in Swinley Forrest (the Lookout) on Sunday at around 08:30.

It will only be our second time there as our normal haunt is Tunnel Hill, so if anyone who knows the area (or even if you dont) fancys joining us for a ride or even showing us around :lol: you would be more than welcome!




  • popstarpopstar Posts: 1,392
    Swinley is a nice place to ride, but weekends are way to busy for my liking. Preffer to ride in Surrey Hills instead, at least there you wouldn't risk to crash into dog walker or some kidz running around on trails. Swinley forest is known for its poor drainage of trails, so after some rain, trails do have to have some time to dry, otherwise its a mish-mash all over. But then , there are people who like mudbath :shock: . Wish you have a good time around there.
    What could have been (Video)

    I'll choose not put too much stake into someone's opinion who is admittingly terrible though
  • AtzAtz Posts: 1,383
    Depending on conditions, might be there, or more likely around the downs.
  • hiya

    swinley is my local stomping ground as i live nearby, havent been on bike since xmas but looking to get over there this weekend for a couple of hours. it's a maze there, i still get lost but if you fancy a sedate look around i can show you the major highlights.

    it will not be an xc whippet ride, but i could show you around
  • would be also be interested in having an early morning ride in Swinley. Need to get bike fixed before sunday.

    Looked on your site - not speedy racer but will try to keep up!
  • after todays rain it will be a mudfest!
  • I'll look forward to it, the two of us popping down are not exactly super light cross country machines, more looking to have a good explore and a fun ride out..

    There should be two of us there at 08:30 in the Lookout car park, you will not be able to miss me as I will have two bikes on the roof of a black bmw and Ill pop a white shirt on the bikes (like a ruddy great Flag!)

  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    See you out on the trails lads, i'll be there with an old fella on a CUBE AMS125, a fat fella on a Stumpy and me on the Commencal. We won't be there till 9.30 though
  • couldnt see you ryan, another time, im down there quite a bit

  • AtzAtz Posts: 1,383
    That'd be because he said he was going on Sunday :roll:
  • Hi Guys,

    Its tomorrow morning and I'm still on for it, like I say will leave the bike on the roof of the car with a white shirt on it, its a Giant XTC advanced..

  • Just got back, unfortunately missed anyone out today.
    Stayed in the car park for 15 mins then hit the trails, not a great day for it as it chucked it down the entire ride and was very sloppy. I called it a day after an hour and a half, very muddy, wet but smiling allot after finding a couple of stunning fast bermed trails...

    Im thinking the same again next week if anyone fancys it, hopfully it will be a little drier!

  • Hi Ryan

    Couldnt get bike fixed in time, but will be up for an early ride next week. Will look out for the white flag, I am on the bronze/white trek.

    Fingers Crossed its going to drier this week!!

  • doh! im such a numpty! wrong day!
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