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Hi Everyone

Not really sure where to post this, so here goes.

I have a friend who used to cycle loads.
She now has MS, and struggles to even walk.
I was wondering if there was such a thing as an adult version of a kiddie style buggy that I could attach to my bike to take her out.

Any help would be really appreciated.



  • Can find nothing in the UK but these in the States.
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  • baudman
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    Not really what you were after, but there's also a few variants of this sort of configuration - but that would be a significant outlay...

    There's a dutch (of course) manufacturer - I can't remember which one. They have a similar concept, but it's more like a platform that can support a normal wheelchair.

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    Pashley do a trailer trike called the add-1 which you can get with a back support, might not be what you are after though.

    You can get an idea of the dutch type of cargo bikes here: ... bikes.html

    I think you could fit an adult in a Christiana trike and they do a trailer and a wheelchair option: ... hristiana/

    Both big money though, unfortunately.

    Maybe you could get a starndard trailer modified.
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  • have a look at mission cycles, they are based in maidstone but can supply to your local bike shop.
    they specialise in adapted bikes and the like.

    they should be able to help.