Clothing help please!

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Now that I've got a little dosh to spend, i thought i might buy myself some proper MTB gear, as currently the stuff I've got at them moment are just normal clothes and are rather uncomfortable. I am looking at getting some baggy half length shorts, a fitted (not super tight :wink: ) jersey and some gloves. But there are soo many to choose from, i have been looking on CRC, but half of the stuff on there doesn't even have a size guide. :?

For example i found this:

Which i thought was pretty cool........but there is no bloody size guide! Although im between a medium and a small in normal tops, and usually around a 32" waist. So can anyone recommend some bits for me or tell me about the sizing manufacturers use? I am also looking for some reasonably cheap stuff too as i don't want to spend mases on clothes rather than components :wink: Also are there any other shops worth looking at for clothes??
Thanks in advance!