Tarmac SL3 frameset - slightly disappointed

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I have a highly modified Felt F4 where the only original part was the frame itself and it's an ok weight of 1220g for a 52cm.
My Ritchey WCS fork weighs in at a super light 270g with cut 185mm steerer.
Total bike weight was 14.75lbs with pedals and bottle cages and cateye v3.

I appreciate that frame quality isn't just in light weight it's about how it rides but you'd think that in buying the SL3 you'd be getting an ultralight bike.

Stripping the bikes down and weighing all the parts etc it means the SL3 saves me 117g in weight once I swap my bits over.
The Fork is a beefy 360g uncut steerer...but I appreciate thats because of the 1.5" lower race headtube.
The frame weighed in on my scales at 975g which again is ok. The seatpost a chunky 218g and headset, spacers and expander 115g.

I looked up on the SL3 details and when it's bought as a module (or complete bike with a BB30 and S-Works Chainset it's the lightest bike out there?
So where is all the weight gain....surely not in the Bottom bracket shell thats pressed into the frame?

Don't get me wrong....it's a really great looking bike and the reviews it gets are good. Maybe I'm just being finnicky but I am a weight weenie.
IThe prrof of the pudding is in the eating as they say.
I'm umming and ahhing over whether to take it back and look to a Scott Addict frame/fork set instead.

Should it stay or should it go?



  • maybe you need to go on a diet?
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  • stevenb
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    I'm leaner than I've been (now 34 yo) since I was 21.
    Fitter than ever before.
    Runner/Cyclist...I can't lose any more...lol

    This is my out and out race machine....so I want it to be perfect.
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    If it's your 'out and out race machine', surely it should abide by UCI rules? It's already under legal weight. If you want to shed more weight - I know there are some really light wheels out there (under 1000 grams per pair).

    Besides - a few grams aren't going to win or lose you any races.

    Lastly - don't ever believe claimed frame weights. Some manufacturers won't even publish them any more because they can vary greatly - depending on how the carbon fibre is laid down (especially when it's done by hand).
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    Try riding it and not weighing it, you'll probably get more satisfaction...
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    BB30 + Tapered Steerer + Stiffer frame, sounds loads better than a Felt F4 to me
    I like bikes...

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    The frameset does not have a BB30.
    Thats the thing I guess.
    Having the BB30 only comes with having the whole bike in th UK.

    The S works BB30 chainset is very light too so thats where Specialized's weight claims are measured in comparrison to other MF's bikes.
    I fully appreciate the frame weight concerns and the fact it's not what your expecting in terms of weight.
    Ride quality is a big factor though so the beefed up front fork should help riding/climbing etc.

    I know the MF's claimed weights can be different. My 52cm SL3 being the 2nd smallest they do should be light.
    Having said that, even the Scott CR1 (latest one) is 890g frame with a 330g fork so it's only 0.25lb lighter.

    I guess you can make it up in another way by chaning the seatpost, pedals and aaabody weight which is free to lose.

    If your not doing UCI racing then it doesn't matter how light the bike is.
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  • Sounds like you should be on a Cervelo R3 SL. Aren't they the bikes for people who only want a light bike and not a good one? :wink:
  • Daimler
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    Don't get me wrong.
    I love the Saxo Bank Looks....its such a nice bike.
    I can't wait to build it up and get out there.

    I have SRAM Red parts and KCNC brakes, Fulcrum RS Chainset, Easton EC90 bars etc to go on along with American Classic 350 wheels at 1410g a pair.
    So it'll be light.
    I can make it lighter still and have a quality machine.
    I'd never buy a Cervelo as I can't justify the cost.
    I picked up the SL3 for £1600 from Phil Corley Cycles which I was pleased with.

    Guess I should shut up and stop being a fussy git and get out there and enjoy it!
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  • on-yer-bike
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    Sounds like you should be on a Cervelo R3 SL. Aren't they the bikes for people who only want a light bike and not a good one? :wink:

    Aren't R3-SLs any good?
  • Sounds like you should be on a Cervelo R3 SL. Aren't they the bikes for people who only want a light bike and not a good one? :wink:

    Aren't R3-SLs any good?

    I was just being facetious as the R3SL is the weight weenies' choice seemingly purely on weight rather than comparing its qualities to other bikes in that price-range. I'm sure they're good bikes. Maybe not the best for the sort of money they sell at, but good nonetheless.
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    Done well to get the Felt down below UCI weight limits when the frame is slightly portly at 1.5kg for frame and forks.

    If weight is such an issue why not switch the lighter components from the Tarmac?
  • What are you going to do?

    With a 360 grams fork is impossible to go anywhere... too heavy even for commuting. A 210 grams seatpost will slow you down significantly over my 199 grams one... it's well over a fifith of a mars bar in weight difference, remember!

    I'm sure you can shave 11 grams of hair and make things even
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    They had to do something to beef-up the Tarmac as the front end was too flexy to be taken seriously as a race bike - it always felt that the front and back were disconnected if you really put the power down which they've tried to address with the SL3. To me there are far more important factors than weight when considering a frame - geometry/fit, handling and relative comfort are all more important IMO.
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    a few more kilos is reassuring on a good down hill. there comes a point when the bike aint strong enough for the joB.
  • stevenb
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    Thanks for your feedback.
    I have decided to keep the frameset.
    I am sure the ride/handling will be improved and having the beefed up front fork should be good for a solid feel at the front end.

    I will most likely sell the S-Works Pave post in favour of another.

    I only bought the frameset and not the complete bike luckily. No way I'd spend over £5k on a Tarmac.

    I do appreciate the fact that ride quality and frame quality is most important so I'm sure in time I can build on it even further.

    I'm lean as can be. Well...almost 10st 6lb at 5'9".
    I was 13st 1lb back in Sept last year so I feel I should reward myself with a light bike to complete the weight loss thang!