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Turbo Trainers

chunkyboychunkyboy Posts: 97
edited February 2010 in Health, fitness & training
Hello all.

I've got a few questions about turbo trainers and i'm hoping some people on the forum have got one/had experience with one and can give me some answers.

Can they be used with any bike ? I've got a 2007 Stumpjumper.
Can they be used with a quick release skewer or would i have to change it ?
Is there any risk of damage to the skewer and the area of the frame the skewer attaches to as i assume this is where most of the riders weight would be focused ?
Is there any restriction on riders weight ?

Any advice/help would be much appreciated as i'm not really clued up on them.


  • bobpzerobobpzero Posts: 1,431
    i have the Tacx T1850 Satori Trainer so it comes with specific qr skewer and it can be setup for mtb or roadie. i use my kinesis xc>120 on it with a continental home trainer tyre, was easy enough to get most of the tyre onto the rim by hand and tyre lever to finish the last bit. i dont think there is a rider weight limit tho im about 9stone 2lb so not much to go by.

    i think its something you want to use long term for example when its icy outside or 4ft of snowdrifts.
  • CraigXXLCraigXXL Posts: 1,852
    I have the Tacx Satori and it takes my 20st easy. It comes with a sturdy steel skewer that fits into the cups on the turbo trainer frame.
  • RansakaRansaka Posts: 474
    I've got the eclipse magnetic one ( ... 360026394/), very entry level but I'm a tubby biffa at nearly 18st and it's fine. It took my bike fine with the QR still in place but I found that an indoor training tyre is a must as it runs cooler and keeps the noise down massively (important since I'm in a top floor flat) so have fitted that to the gf's mtb that she doesn't use and it's the training bike :)
    I got mine second hand (in mint condition) so no idea if it comes with anything like a special skewer when you buy it new.
  • Thanks for the replies. Big thanks to CraigXXL and Ranska for mentioning your weight as weight was the thing i was wondering about the most with using a trainer because i'm 19stone myself and i'm relieved that's it's not going to be an issue. I was looking at one of the Elite range but now thinking of getting the Tacx Satori due to very good reviews and what CraigXXL said about it.

    What do you guys use to raise the front wheel up ?
  • RansakaRansaka Posts: 474
    I use a heavy cushion off the sofa bed in the spare room but only until my missus finds out as she'll kill me :) I've been puzzling that one myself (other than the cushion) and trying to find a solution that costs nothing or as close to. A breeze block laid flat will probably be enough elevation and cost a couple of quid at most. In fact, I shall try that and let you know (unless someone has a better suggestion). :D
  • I've read/heard of many various things being used to raise the front wheel but i think a cushion off a sofa bed tops them all. Quality!! L.O.L !! Reading through reviews on the trainers on wiggle i spotted one that said a chap uses a piece of 3x3 timber to raise his front wheel so i think anything will do the job as long as there's no risk of the wheel falling off what ever it is you use
  • RansakaRansaka Posts: 474
    Since the trainer holds the bike in place I've found very little in terms of play in the front wheel. As long as whatever you use is a cfew tyre widths across and stable I doubt it'll be a problem.
  • Small block of wood under the front wheel does for me. Beats the £20 that the likes of Tacx want for a bespoke item!

    Be sure to check out sufferfest for some quality TT training videos!!
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