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Pedal / shoe question

willis23willis23 Posts: 28
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I have been biking for many years and always used toe straps...yes i know but hay i like em

Having just ordered a new bike today it comes with Crankbrothers EggBeater C pedals I also have some shimano Deore clipless pedals off the last bike so could use either.

So if I buy some cycling shoes do they all fit? or what do I need to know!




  • ilovedirtilovedirt Posts: 5,798
    yeah they're pretty much universal with regards to the shoe you use
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  • as long as you get a mtb 2-bolt shoe then you'll be fine.

    Some road ones only take 3 bolts.
  • Make sure they are two bolts but I would go for the shimano clipless' ove the eggbeaters as I have seen quite aa few pairs of them fall apart on xc rides and you don't want that when you're ten miles from home...
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    The pedals come with specific cleats that you can then bolt to most shoes (see advice above). You're in the somewhat enviable position of being able to easily try out both shimano and CB systems to see which you like best.

    Obviously you'll have to switch the cleats over when you switch pedals 8)
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