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Jelly quads

Ben GTBen GT Posts: 25
edited February 2010 in Health, fitness & training
Recently I have bought my new MTB. I have been out on it twice so far on 7 mile tracks. Both times i have had to stop often as my quads go to jelly!

I can only get out on my bike about once a week at the minute

Is there anything I can do to help build strength in my legs when I am not riding which will ultimately assist when I get back on? I am overweight :( but dont think I am extremely unfit. My lungs and breath seem fine its just me legs that give in!

I know I could just google this but I wanted tried and tested methods from people like myself!

Thanks in advance!


  • Just give it a while... if you've just started back riding, you'll be using muscles you haven't using in ages... your body will be like " arrghh... wtf is going on here".

    You could try some running, or get a home static bike thingy...

    Personally I don't think there i any better exercise for your legs than mtb'ing because its not a static exercise, and thats after 8 years of strength training for rugby :lol:
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