Who's riding who?

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After reading some of the threads about people itching to get back on their bikes after the bad weather, I wondered if there wasn't more than a hint of The Third Policeman going on. They have us at their beck and call, spending money on them, maintaining Them, becomming obsessed by Them, taking over our spare time, lives...

...we must resist...


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    :? :?:

    I 'think' I know what you mean. The secret is to buy a bike that you are indifferent about or even better hate. That way you'll spend less money on it and ride in all weathers. You won't even need to buy a winter trainer to protect your first love.

    I'm indifferent to my carbon Ribble now (it's fine by the way) and it's been out at least once a week, every week this year. I don't care about grit rotting the frame etc etc.
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    Let's all ride Hellfrauds' shonkers! :lol: