Norco Faze 3 2009

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Looking at buying a new MTB soon with a budget of £900ish

Was looking at the Trek 6300 until a friend pointed this 1 out to me. ... e-ec022275

Went into my Local Evans and they didn't have 1 on display and the sales assistant knew nothing about them.

Has anyone had any experience with these?

Looks like a good deal, but wanted a second opinion.



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    Any Norco is good in my opinion, I nearly bought one a a few years back but went with Kona instead, regretted that day ever since. Norco are canadian, know how to build bikes and have been on the scene for a while. Although, they are still rather new to the UK scene. Had no experiance with the Faze myself, but looking at the's very well equipped and its at a very good price. Buy it.
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  • Cool,
    Thanks for the response.

    Now gotta find a local Evans with 1 in stock!

    Otherwise will have to order in to test.
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    Can you buy me one too? :D
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  • We've got a couple in the shop will have to check the price, but we're in oxford. PM me if you want more details.

    I can however say they are a cracking little ride. it's an "xc" bike but obviously when you translate that out of canadian it comes out as a brilliant little AM machine! Could possibly use shorter stem and wider bars, but other than that, it's lovely.
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    Wish we had them in our shop :(
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  • Ah ok cool,

    Oxford is a bit too far for me.
    My closest branches are in Kingston and Woking.

    Will call Woking tomorrow to see if they have a Small in stock.

    Thanks Ride_Whenever
  • I'm looking at the Faze 3 as well - any other full suss options in this price bracket (c.£900-£1000) to consider?