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A merlot from the US of A, the central coast, presumably California? Very easy to quaff and boasting a picture of a young lady on the label. She is wearing an abundance of hair but no clothes! A plus point in certain quarters. Other tastes are catered for by the representation of a "winged bicycle". No prizes for spotting that it's a fixie.

Available, at a discount at the moment, from Waitrose; so not so available for our Northern friends, unless Booths, a Waitrose clone, are carrying the same deal. Enjoy :D
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    We have Waitorse in the North, we are not a total desert you know. Some of us have even been to school.
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    tebbit wrote:
    We have Waitorse in the North, we are not a total desert you know. Some of us have even been to school.

    I was in Inverness just the other week and didn't see a Waitrose - where is it and when did it open?

  • @tebbit, why so defensive? All I was saying was that a store chain did not extend to cover the entire country. I have no control over that arrangement but would be happy if you could access the above wine, hence the reference to Booths.

    It is a shame that your school managed to instil a sense of inferiority :roll:
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    Who needs a Waitrose store close by when there's Ocado? :wink:
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    Actually we have a Waitrose in Formby, and my old cycling club used to go for a breakfast in the Booth's in Macclesfield, and no it wasn't taken in bad faith. Years ago I was waiting at a bus stop where some chap was talking to his mate, about being "educated, southern and being a daily mail reader." Actually believed that "oop north" that we all worked in mills or were farm labourers, I kid you not.
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    Ah , the world's gone crazy I know. We have had a Wilkinson's in Kingston for some years now. Yes , you did read thet right!

    But I am price sensitive when it comes to wine. I have to pass a Sainsbury's on my way to Waitrose , so I want to know how much this strangely named , but attractively labelled wine is.
    Care to enlighten me ?


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  • £5,49 of your British Pounds. More than I usualy like to spend, unless it's Tanners Claret, but the label and the name seduced me!

    BTW no noticeable hangover :)
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    Way up North...Beyond the border, there's no need for Waitrose.
    They're all too fcuked up, drinking that monks juice, Buckfast.
    That'll put wings on your own fixie! :shock:
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