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First Training plan

chrisishchrisish Posts: 2
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Hi Guys,

Im looking for advice on a training plan, I used to race XC when i was around 16-17 yrs old and im now keen to get back into it (im now 24). I have a road bike, a tubro trainer and soon a polar HRM, I havent done much riding at all over winter but last summer i was doing about 7hrs a week casually on the road bike.

What would really be ideal if there was a a timetable telling me what to do, for how long, on what days etc. If there are any books or websites andbody could guide me to that would awesome.

Im planning on racing in the brownbacks series, (fingers crossed its on this year), and anything else thats reasonably close by, i live in Manchester. if anyone knows could recommend any more northwest (ish) XC serieses that would be cool too.

Thanks alot


  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 4,208
    OK, General Plan:

    In Season; Sunday, RACE. Road or Mtb, Enduro, Sportive etc.
    Monday, Rest or easy Recovery ride, 1hr.
    Tuesday, Moderate to Hard road/Mtb ride, 2 - 3 hrs.
    Weds, Recovery ride or rest, as Monday.
    Thurs, Hard road/Mtb, turbo, 2 - 3 hrs.
    Friday, Rest.
    Saturday, 1.5 hrs easy, with 5 - 6 x 30secs sprints and/or ride race course.

    So, it's about 4 hardish days, 3 easier. You can introduce some Core exercises too on the easy or rest days, plus stretching etc.
  • Get yourself a coach

    Having someone else looking objectively at your training makes a tremendous difference and will most likely result in your performance being far better than you could achieve alone!
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