Homemade power meter

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I was having a play at making my own power meter, the thinking being you just need to know torque and angular velocity on the back wheel, which you can get with a strain gauge and an optical rotation thingy, do some temperature compensation and Bob's your uncle.Sadly I seem not to be able to post photos on here but suffice to say the prototype looks a mess, but it kind of works, sort of. I just need to tidy it up a bit and I can start flogging them for erm... half the price of a power tap.
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    where will you fit the strain transducer.
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    OMG. Bhima's got a twin on here. But even dumber.
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    Well some might say you only have a ghost of chance with something like that but it sounds a good idea to give it a try and see what turns up.
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    sorry I invented an 'optical rotation thingy' last week and have now patented it. You will have to do something else.
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  • Yeah that's the rub Powertap have got the straingauge custom built into the hub which is mainly why its expensive, I am having to play with very very sticky adhesives and the magic of bending things.
    Have no fear I am confident that these are simply teething problems, Rome wasn't built in a day and all that.