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Dura ace 7850-CL wheels : sticky freehub

staggerstagger Posts: 116
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Just got a pair of these, and having put on a cassette and put onto bike on a stand, noticed that the freehub is really slow- give the rear wheel a spin and its only a few revs before slowing, obvioulsy ok pedalling but coasting won't be ideal

Is this a common problem? will they free up with wear in or should i send em back?

They sound ok- a muffled ticking, compared with my knacked old ksyrium elites which are loud ratchet (and also a bit slow, but not quite like this)

have done obvious schoolboy error checks like seated properly, nothing rubbing etc etc

They also came with a bent skewer which was a bit poor- thats defo going back



  • I have a set of these, dont adjust anything, just ride em for a few miles and they should spin the greese around and be fine.

    Great wheels. Ive noticed the fron one is much more free running.
  • staggerstagger Posts: 116
    ta for reply , will look forward to trying them out a bit in the lovely late winter weather we're having; I think if they see salt they will probably refuse to turn at all.

    if a bit of use doesn't sort it will think again.

  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    I've got the same thing but they still seem fast enough on the road.

    Am gonna give it a few weeks too, you read a lot about Shimano hubs being vertight but I'd rather not touch them if I don't have to.
  • relaniumrelanium Posts: 487
    My rear wheel is the same, ive been told just to wear the wheels in for a month, let the grease work itself around. Try going down some long steep hills & letting the wheels freewheel, this should work the grease.
  • akcc05akcc05 Posts: 336
    They are cup and cone hubs so you may have to readjust them. A lot of people say Shimano tends to over tighten their hubs at the factory, they certainly did to my Ultegra 6700 when I first got them. If you've got those flat cone spanners in the right sizes, it's a 5 minute job. Cup and cone hubs are so easy to open up for servicing which is why I like them, a definite plus if you ride a lot in the winter or rain.
  • relaniumrelanium Posts: 487
    Are these wheels supposed to be silent/stealth when free wheeling? I've just bought a pair and mine are not silent, mine click when free wheeling, at first they were silent but as there getting worn in their beginning to click louder.
  • I have a brand new pair of DA 7850 CL Wheels waiting to go on my bike (probably after the snow now...). The hubs have a slight grinding feel about them when they're just left to spin on their axles. From this thread and others I can see that the general advice has been to just run them in for a while to let the grease work its way around: Has anyone had any positive experiences of this with these particular hubs? The only other new pair of wheels I have experience of owning was a pair of Aksiums and they came with the bike so I didn't get the opportunity to let them spin off the bike; I don't know if running hubs in is normal? I have an ancient Campag hub that hasn''t been serviced for years that just spins and spins... I think I was expecting something similar for a new hub...

  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    If the bearings are rumbly then chances are that one or both raceways have been damaged. You can easily check the condition of the races by visually inspecting them though.
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  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    Mine run silky smooth now.
    Mine were a bit like that but certainly roll well. Haven't touched the bike they're on since October but seem to remember they freed up noticeably when on the stand, though they always felt fine on the move. Had to have them opened in July as was getting a squeek whilst under load but the mechanic said it was just a dry seal. Great wheels anyway. Regarding noise, they are quieter than Ksyrium Elites that haven't just been topped up with freehub oil! Noisier than 6600's. Personally I don't care if they make a bit of noise when free wheeling anyway. I love the sound of Campag and Hope hubs, which are very noisy!
  • staggerstagger Posts: 116
    Mine did indeed loosen up fairly quickly. seems quite common for these hubs
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