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Tricross Sport headset replacement

PeasoupPeasoup Posts: 63
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I've got a 2007 tricross sport, which accoridng to spec has a 1 1/8" specialized mindset headset (i've not stripped the front-end down yet to see if there are part nos etc.)

The headset is goosed and needs replacing.

I've read elsewhere that a cane creek IS2 is a suitable replacement.

Mindset headsets seem to be used pretty much across the specialized range, so may be similar on other bikes (tarmac, roubaix etc.)

Anyone any experience on this?



  • JameyJamey Posts: 2,152
    I'm afraid I don't have any answers but would also like to know, being another 2007 Tricross Sport owner.
  • PeasoupPeasoup Posts: 63
    It's taken a while but the headset is now replaced.

    For info...

    I replaced the original specialized headset with a Cane Creek IS3 (1 1/8" tall).
    To find correct spec:


    The cane creek headset assy features catridge bearings.
    When I got the tricross front end stripped down the headset (specialized mindset?) had separate top and bottom bearing shells. The shells (upper and lower positions) were pressed into the frame and featured a long collar.
    As I understand it, this set-up isn't strictly speaking a true integrated set-up (but I'm no expert).
    Rather than just locating on the 45 deg chamfer, the collar locates then shell in a reamed (I presume) bore in the headtube (after the chamfer).
    Getting the shells out was a bit of a censored - especially as I couldn't tell at the time that the bearing shell and collar were not 2 separate pieces. Knowing that they a single piece makes removal easier as there is more material to drift against.
    To get the shells out I made a drift tool, but a ParkTools rocket tool would probably do (or even screw driver). Bit of hammer persuasion got them out OK.

    The new cartridge bearings locate purely on the chamfer (true integrated set-up) and rely on clamp between the fork and sprial nut to maintain their location.
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