Full sus for £1000 - Trek Fuel Ex 5.5??

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Looks like I should be getting about £900 of insurance cash coming through soon...

I've spotted the TreK fuel EX 5.5 '09 going for £899.... are these any good?

There's also a few Kona's around The Dawg for example. Or maybe the Specialized FS XC range - the '09 versions seem to be going for under a grand.

I'm just looking for something that's good up and down hill and generally ragging around the trail centres.

Anyone got any advice??




  • Daz555
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    5.5 is a good bike. I have the FSRxc and have to say its quality. Boardman FS range is worth a look too.
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  • JimmerG
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    You're right, the boardman range is decent looking. But I have just spotted the Gaint Trance x5 - this looks like a very nice machine... anyone know anything about this one??
  • llamafarmer
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    They are nice bikes, but so is the Boardman.

    If they have your size:


    There's a Giant store in Bristol and the other Zero G stores also keep some in stock, so you should be able to get a test ride on a 2010 model easily enough. You've also got Specialized on Park Street, so you can try the FSR XC out as well...
  • JimmerG
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    That X4 was a good find - thanks for that, I'll have a peruse around the Bristol bikes shops soon.

    Seems my list of possibilities is growing rather... I never knew the sub £1000 range was quite so well stocked.

    Is there anything else anyone reckons I should be considering?