Fork Grease.

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Can someone recommend me a grease to coat the spring with please. Got a reply from TFtuned about the spring and in regards to the grease they said "Unfortunately we don't sell grease which is appropriate for fork springs, but essentially you want something thick and viscous. (Something with the consistency of lard is about right!!)"

So that puts Finish Line Teflon grease off the list. What about
Rock N Roll Super Coat Grease
Rock N Roll Super Slick Grease(description states "You can overhaul forks")
Rock N Roll Super Web Grease
Stendec Easy Glide Fork Grease(going by the name it doesn't sound very thick)

Not used these so I don't know how thick they are.


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    Buzzys slick honey.
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  • Rock Shox Judy Butter
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    The finishline will be fine I would have thought. It doesn't need much.
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    I have a tub of the Stendec suspension grease and it does the job fine
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    +1 on slick honey.

    I have spent more time rebuilding forks than you would believe, trust me it is the DB.

    I got a tip of a suspension manufacturer, he recommended as an upgrade.
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  • Was hoping for something from some where I have an account and none sell that honey or judy butter.

    Stubs is it the Stendec Easy Glide Fork Grease? if so how thick is it?

    Bikegoo have Judy butter and Billys have slick honey but I don't have accounts with them. Why can't shops have a one of buy option rather than having to create accounts all the time.
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    Stubs is it the Stendec Easy Glide Fork Grease? if so how thick is it?

    Yes this is the one

    Its a gooey grease thats about all I can say though I did notice it doesnt go runny when its warm. I have used it to rebuild several forks most recently a set of Rockshox Recon U-Turn coil spring forks. Its not a big tub but it goes a long way all you do is smear the spring with grease to stop it rubbing on the inside of the fork its not part of the damping on a Rockshox fork. You also smear a tiny bit on the fork seals and all the O-rings when you assemble the fork makes everything slide into place without fighting it.

    You dont want a grease the consistency of lard. Lard is a solid substance and the only grease I have ever come across that was like that is waterpump grease not something you want inside your forks it would gum them up solid in cold weather.
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  • Cheers, I'll go for that as I have a CRC account. Thanks for the other recommendations as well people.