SRAM rear mech failures

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I'm asking this out of curiosity more than anything, but I was riding at Afan with a few mates yesterday and one of the lads on a Stumpy FSR pulled up with a bent rear mech hanger, which he was adamant wasn't caused by any kind of impact damage. Another of my mates was convinced it was somehow caused by his SRAM X0 mech and said he'd been on a ride a few weeks ago with someone else and the same thing had happened.

Anyway, we singlespeeded the Stumpy and headed back to Afan Lodge for dinner, with me still unconvinced that a mech would just buckle the hanger like that, but when we mentioned it to the guy at the lodge he said he regularly saw X0's and X9's failing like this. Is it a common problem that others have experienced? And if so what's causing it? :?