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Wiggle have got a sale on the Charge Spoon saddle which makes it a few quid off buying one in the shop. Is it worth taking a punt on it and purchase one? Anyone here got one on their bike? How do you find it out on rides? It looks like it'll be cheap and cheerful and probably a lot better than what I'm perching on at the moment.




  • Charge spoon is apparently one of the best VFM saddles going.

    I'll be getting one for my new build :)
  • It's an extremely highly rated saddle, I have one on my Kona and I wouldn't class it as cheep and cheerful, it's up with more expensive saddles in terms of comfort. A lot of people get on with it. The only slight downside is it isn't a lightweight, but that isn't its aim. I'd definately go for it, a lovely bit of kit.
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    Great saddles... I replaced mine with Charge's slightly lighter, racier Knife but the Spoon's probably the better choice for most people. The Wiggle edition has an orange hull though, that seems to be the only difference.

    TBH these would be good value at £40, compared with the competition, at £20 they're pretty much unbeatable on value.
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  • I paid less than £20 for mine a couple of months ago - it's great. Very comfortable. Much more so than the Giant it replaced.
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    I wouldn't use any other saddle, other than the Knife! Very comfortable, and i don't find myself shifting about trying to get comfy on longer rides.
  • Thanks for the reviews. I'm going to go ahead a buy it.
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    Got one on my Trek and its great, would recommend it to anyone.
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    I've got the knife and I like it
  • I got the spoon a few weeks back, and it's a great saddle would recommend it to anyone!
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    had mine a few years now.. it was so good at first comfortable but after a while ie 2 years it started to be a pain in the ass... i have tried to adjust it several times sometimes making it worse.. i would get pins and needles in my old chap and on the worst incident it shredded my tender bits round the back of the testicals it rubbed me that much they were bleeding,,,
    every time i rode it i would get pins and needles in my balls and willy.. i have tried removing it and refitting it to try and sort this out, as i do like the saddle, and it was fine for 2 years.. in the end i resorted to using padded shorts...

    i don't know why i started to get problems with my spoon saddle, it was brilliant for the first 2 years,....
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    All saddles wear out over time, the padding compresses, most likely it was just that. or, perhaps you got old :wink: I hear there's a lot of that going around.
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    First ride with my new Spoon today and it was great. Kudos to Wiggle as well - I ordered the (non-Wiggle version) black cro-mo Spoon on Thursday night which was out of stock, and yet arrived yesterday! I wasn't expecting it for another couple of weeks as the website suggested :D
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    Just realised I needed some Haribos as I forgot to buy them yesterday at Morrisons, hope they come with the saddle.
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  • redvee wrote:
    Just realised I needed some Haribos as I forgot to buy them yesterday at Morrisons, hope they come with the saddle.

    LOL, let's not bring that issue of contention back up
    I put in an order for just under £100 with Wiggle on Friday night. If I don't get Haribos this will be the 4th largish order that I receive without any form of loyalty reward from Wiggle. If I get Haribos or a bottle opener, I will definitely buy me a Charge Spoon from Wiggle. If not.. well someone else will be rewarded with my "revenge order" of a Spoon saddle... :¬P
  • just ordered a wiggle spoon x version, 17.50! silly price really!
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  • I love my spoon ( :lol: )

    Initially, I wanted that black and orange charge x wiggle one, but 2 months after ordering, they still didnt have it in stock so I gave up and went for the brown one instead.

    Lovely and comfy, the nicest saddle I've had including some at 3 times the price.

    delcol - I used to have the exact same problems with other saddles. If your spoon worked fine for the first 2 years, I'd echo the comments above and think about replacing it. Also, padded shorts FTW!
    And if you are still chafing, maybe try chamois cream (just dont tell the roadies you're stealing their ideas).
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    ooh, I've just ordered one as well in the Wiggle colour scheme which will match my marin perfectly. I don't understand people saying it's heavy though, I weighed my current (stock) saddle and it was 400grams so 268 is quite a saving. Just need to rid myself of my belly now :)
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    I think I'm the only person who didn't like the Spoon. Didn't have it for long, but just couldn't get on with it. Now I've got a Fizik Gobi, and really like it.

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  • Thanks to the OP for flagging this up. With a refer a friend voucher I've just got a £25 odd saddle for a tenner !!

  • I've got one sat in the basket, but I don't know if I have the funds to pay it this month. Not sure about the colour scheme though. Not of the saddle, my bike. I am very tempted to get the bike sprayed so it matches the saddle :lol:
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    I did 69 miles in the peak district yesterday.

    My arse was killing me the last 15.

    Suppose 9hrs on the bike is enough for any saddle :D
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    h4muf wrote:
    I did 69

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