Tour de Redbridge (The almost perfect ride)

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After getting my Wilier, I took it out for its maiden voyage :)

Everything was going great, almost every motorist gave me way, when I stopped I didn't have any issues with un-clipping etc...

(this is the journey I did) ... Long-route

Anyway, everything was perfect, bike is AMAZING, when coming from a MTB which was REALLY heavy to this light weight bike is a huge difference.

so no issues no problem, I get to end of the journey and what happens bang... I fall over (nothing major bike is safe and sound). However I was well annoyed since I unclipped I got to lean right on the un-clipped side and fell over :(

Oh well had to happen sooner or later, other than then it was great I Love the bike. I may do a shorter journey for training so I can keep it up.


  • I'm in South Woodford and go out on some of your route quite often - although routes out to Epping & beyond are nicer and quieter. Not too many Wiliers around our way so I'll look out for you.
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  • Can you post up your routes?

    Would be good to get a couple, I did 15 miles today, but thinking of sticking to around 10 for now
  • I'll have a go when I get a minute - bit of a technophobe tho'
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  • Snake,

    Im not far from you either (hornchurch) and have cycled parts of your route with my brother, so if you spot a Trek1.9 and Blue Bianchi then give us a shout.

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  • I'll keep an eye out :)
  • hambones
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    I also take in most of those roads as part of a 40 mile evening loop I do out from Waltham Abbey when I fancy a change from heading west to Highgate etc. Trouble is I'm on a 19 year old Reynolds 501 bought off eBay... :D:D
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  • i will be venturing your route soon or that area is im from dagenham area.

    i always around fairlop and see so many bikes out on the roads
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  • Trouble is I'm on a 19 year old Reynolds 501 bought off eBay

    Not a problem to me, ill race anyone :D:D .
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  • Hey snake, i live in woodford which is just the over the hill from barkingside, i usually ride out towards abridge, ongar, the lavers kinda way, lovely scenery, traffic isn't to bad either, nice challenging route. If you fancy it sometime let us know, ill post a route up in a min when i work out how! :?
  • Done it..., its probably another 10 miles from where you are ... 6350877161
  • This goes out into the little villages beyond Epping taking in as many little climbs as possible on the way
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  • Well, some very nice routes there folks. When I regain some fitness I may have to give them a go.

    I am disappointed however that you have avoided some lovely hills near Chingford.

    - Between Highams Park and Woodford there is the lovely Oak Hill. Wonderfully steep and long - an awful combination.

    - Towards Chingford Station Road you have Mansfield Hill - short but sharp climb. You'll want to do a loop as if you go down it you can turn right onto King's Head Hill - long and 1:8 and I hate it with a passion. Head up to the Green, left into Station Road and onto Rangers Road and left onto Epping Road and find your way to Lippets Hill. First time I did it I thought I'd come across the local asthmatic society - until I realised that the noise was me! There's a nice circuit around upshire as well (plus two great pubs for food).

    I'm not built for hill climbing and I'm riding a hybrid and those hills kill me (though when I was commuting 100 miles a week it was a lot easier).

    Have fun.
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  • I use Oak Hill for hill repeats - 5 or 6 is a nice work out
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  • As an old Chingfordian exiled in South Wales I can concur with the skinhead regarding Mansfield and Kings Head hills. Buggers!!

  • I think the thing about Kings Head Hill is the way it ramps up at the top (next to the Police Station) Whats the short steep hill called that goes up from Chingford Mt to the cemetary (where one of the Krays was buried)? I've hit 40 going down it! :o
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    I was discussing with a mate only the other day about Kings Head Hill and doubting that it is a 1:8 near the top, seems more like 1:10 to us...
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  • Well, first a great big thank you. I am greatly reassured that I am not the only one who suffers on King's Head Hill. I thought it was just my ineptitude and lack of any hill climbing ability. My first attempt on the hill was hopeless. The second my chain slipped off. The third I was on to make it without stopping when a car cut me up forcing me into the kerb. I'm sure it is cursed. I've conquored it a few times now but it still fills me with dread.

    For those who do like hills (not me!) I do seriously recommend Lippets Hill. It is where the police helicopter service is based.

    Oscarbudgie - hats off on the repeat runs up Oak Hill. I've always avoided it but need to regain some fitness so will give it a go. I was surprised however to see it used on TfL Journey Planner as a suggested cycle route to Ilford! I imagine many a novice would struggle and not thank TfL for the suggestion!

    The short steep hill is Old Church Road. For the unwary it is a bit of a git as you climb it and see the crest so push that extra bit then realise there is another hill almost straight away!
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  • I've had some funny looks doing Oak Hill repeats from people walking up or down it who I may pass 3 or 4 times. The roundabout at the bottom means you don't carry any momentum into it so adding to the grind, but I can do it on the big ring these days :D . Hill repeats are a really good way of building stamina for proper climbs - or as near to proper climbs as we have in this country. The hill taking you from Chigwell to Chigwell Rise is handy for practice as well.
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  • 10 Points to whoever spots snake007uk's bike on ebay 1st lol.