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Ribble offer handbult wheels for under £100 are these any good? or would i be better getting the Pro Lite Lucianos they have for £121


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  • Just had the pro lite on the winter bike, came last week.

    Perfect wheels, smooth, light, and they seem quite durable (been out all week on the salty roads and cleaned great) but then they are only new.

    I was surprised how good they are for the price. :)
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    +1 For the Pro-Lite Lucianos also got them with my Ribble Sportive Racing just before the new year. They have done just over 500 miles so far and still running true. Very well made especially for the price.
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    Excellent , sounds like i'll get a set of them there Luciano's!
    I can't really afford mega race wheels at the moment so these will do perfect on my new transition frame!

    Thanks for your comments guys!
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    just read about the Planet X Model B, they are on there website for £127. Are these better than the Lucianos?
    It says the model B's are designed for triathlons which is what i will be doing.....
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    Also does anybody know the difference between the Luciano's and the Treviso's that ribble are selling?

    The Treviso's look to have a different spoke pattern on the front wheel and no wear indictors. But they are not listed on the prolite website?
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    That Pro-Lite website and video repeat nearly every myth going about bicycle wheels.

    -What happens to brass nipples from 2 weeks in oil that doesn't happen in a few moments? (angling for some ageing whisky cred?)
    -What do they do with the nearly half of their wheels that fail to meet some arbitrarily zealous twentieth-millimetre lateral trueness error (apart from true them to make the bar?!)
    -The "bedding in" fluff in the video shows that nobody understands what they're doing and why;
    -They assume that there's something wrong with mechanical wheel-tensioning machines: that claim needs expounding;
    -The front page is an unprofessional rant about leaping CEO's, and "rubbish" aerodynamicists.

    For all that, this is probably ordinary or even better practice among these wheel assembly factories (it's partly why I build my own..!). What's irritating is that the truth about this stuff has been known for decades, yet it is roundly ignored, in favour of this empty rhetoric marketing.
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    Balthazar- that is an impressive post but without wishing to sound thick, are you saying that Prolite wheels are inferior to other factory wheels which are not 'made by hand', as Prolite claim, or are you saying they are no better?
  • PS The Planet X model Bs are on sale for £99
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    I don't know. I guess these wheels are ok, no more or less adequate than others like them. The way they are built (hand tensioned) is probably not so different from others. It's the marketing flannel and mythologising that irks me.
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    Thanks Chris,

    Eventually ordered the Planet X model B's and 2 of their Carbon Bottle cages for £129 delivered.

    Very Happy!! :D
  • My pleasure.
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    I suppose I should bring this back up ... back in May last year I wanted to get some Pro-Lite Braccianos but I had some emails back and forth. The distributor said I was too heavy for those wheels and that he wouldn't warrant them. Then I contacted Pro-Lite itself and Steve got back to me telling me there was no problem.

    In the end I went for some Fulcrum Racing 3s but you might want to check this thread again guys:

    http://www.bikeradar.com/forum/viewtopi ... braccianos
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