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Dura ace shifter, gear cable in wrong?

TeshuTeshu Posts: 28
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So I've been putting a bike together all going well till tonight when I try and set up my rear mech.

I think the cable on my sti shifter went in wrong and has now pulled too far through into the shifter body.
I was pretty sure it had seated right but it dosent seam to work the rear mech properly and I now can't get the cable to thread back out. Has anyone sean this or am I just both stupid and unlucky.



  • TeshuTeshu Posts: 28
    Well, I may be replying to myself but for general info purposes it's possible to remove the dura ace plate on the shifter remove the section below that with a spring in and then extract the cable and put it back together and it still works.
  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601
    Are you following the printed instructions for doing this???? There is a certain way and a certain order to doing these things.
  • Just built up two bikes yesterday, one with Ultegra 6600 and one with Ultegra 6700, I found it`s easier to thread the cables into the levers BEFORE mounting them onto the `bars, makes it a lot easier to see what you`re doing / where the cable is going. The Ultegra 6700 lever can easily have the cable threaded wrongly (probably same as 7900) and means removing the side access plate to get it out, as it misses going over the "cam wheel" and jams. Sighting down the hole for the brake cables is a lot easier as you can see daylight with them off the `bars.
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