Turbo - Hard on my tyres!

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Due to the weather like a lot of you, I've got a turbo and have to get on with it.

As a result I have noticed now that there is a thin line of wear in the middle of my rear tyre about 5mm thick and all the way round.
This small worn part is near bald, with no tread but as I say it is only about 5mm.

I was intending to go out with a group this Sunday and am unsure if my tyre is roadworthy.Is this normal wear with the turbo or was I doing something wrong? I have done 40 min sessions three times a week for past 3 weeks, surely not excessive usage!!

Do I need to change my tyre before hitting the road?

As always your advice and comments are really appreciated.


  • You need a turbo tyre, or a road tyre that specifically says it`s fit for turbo use, a normal road tyre doesn`t last too well :cry:
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    I wouldn't risk it.....but it's got to be your judgement of how severe the wear is...
    Turbos generate a lot of heat in your tyre - I'd recommend a turbo-specific tyre if you're intending to keep using the indoor trainer (although that will either imply changing tyres between road and turbo sessions or getting yourself a spare rear wheel purely for turbo use....turbo specific tyres don't do well on road surfaces!)
  • If you can afford it, it would be best to get a cheap wheel for using on the turbo, and put a turbo specific tyre on it. I find that a few weeks usage on my normal road tyre wears it out, which is much quicker than the road would.