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stumpy paul
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Having some wheels made. 32 spoke 3x - emphasis on durability over weight but I don't want them too heavy or dull.

Is the substantial cost hike of Dura-ace over Ultegra 6700 going to be worth it :?


  • Only in less weight, they won't be any more durable. The cost of weight is up to you...
  • That much I know!

    I wondered if anyone had any actual experience of a difference in rolling quality / ride etc......
  • Eddy S
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    I wondered if anyone had any actual experience of a difference in rolling quality / ride etc......
    I'll let you know in a couple of weeks....

    I have a set of wheels built on Ultegra 6700 hubs which I've used for the past year which have performed perfectly.

    I have a new set on the way built around Dura Ace hubs for my new bike so I should be able to do a bit of a comparison although rims/spoke count are going to be different. I only ordered them on Tuesday hence the time frame.
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  • balthazar
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    I haven't handled the most recent editions of these hubs – but in general, high-end Shimano hubs are fabulous quality. Ultegra may give a little to DA in the shininess stakes, but they'll last practically forever, with little maintenance. I wouldn't spend the extra unless you're feeling profligate.
  • I am still running a pair of Dura Ace hubs built on Open pro's from around 8 years ago, the hubs are fantastic and still run smooth after thousands of miles. I think the main difference is weight as mentioned, but if they last 8 years you may as well have Dura Ace spinning in front of your eyes :wink:
  • Stellite
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    Ive just built a coule of set of wheels.

    105 huts with Mavic CXP33 rims i had kicking about the garage and Dura ace 7900 hubs on Ambrosio Excellence rims. The Dura Ace hubs are superb quality, the 105s dont look poor qualty just a little heavier. It depends upon how much money you want to spend. Ribble had god deals on the Dura Ace at the mo