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I wonder if any of you legal brains and coppers out there may be able to help me out.

At the weekend I ordered some items for my bike off Ebay from a reputable seller. They were despatched on Tuesday and sent via UPS on a next day service.

According to UPS the parcel was delivered and received by me on Wednesday late afternoon. The main problem with that is that I was at work at the time :shock:

I have been in contact with UPS all day but so far I am no nearer to getting hold of my parcel.They have suggested that it may have been left with a neighbour but I have checked with the only one that would take in a item have they have not taken anything in. Also it was signed in my name and as they have made NO attempt to give me the parcel it looks like it has been stolen by that person.

I will be trying again tomorrow with UPS to find out what has happened and hopefully the driver can shed some light on the issue.

If UPS stick to their stance that I have received the item where do I stand legally and go about getting either the retailer to send another item or getting my money back???

The parcel contains 2 separate transactions to a total of around £70 paid via Paypal drawn on my Credit Card.

Any help or info would be gratefully appreciated



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    Ask for a copy of the POD, although UPS use a PDA type thing for the driver so the signature won't be a true signature then get back to them with a copy of your signature from a CC etc.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
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    you might find that UPS contract lies with the sender...i.e your ebay seller...

    they may have to get involved if UPS start spitting the dummy.

    good luck
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