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Llandegla Ladies Where Are You?!

louleadloulead Posts: 7
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Hi, I'm looking to see if there are any ladies out there who go riding at Llandegla (mid Wales/shropshire borders) and fancy meeting up now and then. I don't have any other girlie mates who like to ride, but my teen daughter and I love it. Would be much more fun if there are other girls (all ages) out there who are up for it.... anyone? :P


  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 4,208
    Last time I was in Landegla, October, it ws full of moslty guys, most of who sat, talked, eat cake... They seemed to have "all the gear but no idea" LOL!
  • My point exactly! Yes its overloaded with boys and their overpriced toys. More girls needed to lessen the testosterone levels......
  • dsmiffdsmiff Posts: 741
    Try searching for the Mountian Bike North Wales forums, quite a few of the girls hang out there arranging rides etc.
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  • I'm a Llandegla lady ( when I can get there :lol:) I usually go with the Hubby and he blasts off and leaves me behind, he's got more confidence than me.
    I must be due a vsit there before May as i go to Glentress in May and I'll need the practise :lol:
    Caz xx
  • Great, if you feel like some company as you eat your hubbies dust, let me know. CHeers Lou
  • SatuSatu Posts: 51

    I'd be quite interested in meeting up for a girly run at some point! I'm in Birmingham, so not exactly local, but Mr Satu and I do go to Llandegla fairly regularly (or we will do again as it gets warmer...). Will keep an eye on this for specific dates so we can plan ahead!

  • I really love Llandegla, although I was a bit disappointed about the amount of deforestation that had been done last time I went - completely changed the feel of a lot of the sections. Haven't seen the new stuff they've opened up though!
  • More good news. Next time I'm headed there Satu, I'll post a note here and it would be good to meet up with anyone who is around that day. Thanks very much for the responses, really nice to know, Loux
  • WelshKtWelshKt Posts: 7
    Llandegla is my local and would be happy to meet up next time you're headed that way.

    Also have a boyf who blasts off ahead and could provide fellow male company if wanted :D .
  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    I'm being a Llandegla lady on Saturday :D..only lass in a group of blokes..I get lonely :(
    Caz xx
  • WelshKtWelshKt Posts: 7
    Ok Caz I get the hint! What time you thinking of heading there? Car is going in for MOT Saturday morning so would need to work round that. I'm also super unfit and out of practice - be warned!
  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    I'm going up with the lads off the slow rides or unfit people, we are getting there for about 9:30 but will be there all day :D..playing on the pump track and doing 2 routes in between falling off and exspiring :lol:
    Caz xx
  • bartiebatbartiebat Posts: 97
    Hello, I'm new here, nice to meet you :) I've been mtb'ing @ 6 mths, have done Llandegla, CYB & the Marin a few times. I have a friend Emma who's brilliant & frantically trying to teach me stuff & I really thought I was getting somewhere until hubby (who's new to it too) went over his handlebars in front of me at the weekend & broke his collar bone - boooh :( Anyway, I'm starting to lose the wuss but now concerned I have more gung ho than skill & don't want to end up following him, I was wondering if anyone had tried the skills courses at Llandegla? :)
  • WelshKtWelshKt Posts: 7
    Hi Bartiebat, nice to meet you too. Collarbone sounds nasty! Good for you starting to lose the wuss. Not tried a skills course yet, but it's something I'd consider (if for no other reason than to give poor blokie a break from being teacher!).
  • bartiebatbartiebat Posts: 97
    There's a women's core skills course there on April 24th - am very tempted! Fancy it KT? :)
  • WelshKtWelshKt Posts: 7
    Cheers for letting me know Bartiebat! Sounds great but I'm already taken on the 24th (signed up for some volunteering). You planning on going?
  • bartiebatbartiebat Posts: 97
    Something came up for April so hoping to do the may one instead, think that's around 24th too :)
  • bartiebatbartiebat Posts: 97
    Right, finally, booked & paid for this satuday!!! Really looking forward to it, I'll be a pro n everyfin!! :):)
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